How to Answer Embarrassing Questions for Massage Clients

Written by Taylor Davis


Massage therapy sessions can be intimidating to newcomers.

Acupuncture, massage therapy, dry-needling – services like these can leave your current and potential clients feeling a little lost. 

We all have questions when we walk into something we’ve never experienced before. The problem is, a lot of new clients aren’t comfortable asking things they deem embarrassing.

So, why not quell those fears when they’re waiting for their appointment or even before they ever step foot in the door?

The first step is figuring out what questions them have. Some common massage therapy questions you may see are:

  • Do I Tip?
  • Do I take off my underwear?
  • Do I go somewhere to undress?
  • How do I tell you I’m self-conscious?
  • Should I talk during the massage?
  • How do I tell you to increase/decrease pressure without insulting you?
  • Can I request a female therapist?
  • What if I have to go to the bathroom?

A lot of patients are embarrassed to ask questions face to face, so remember to answer them in the least embarrassing way possible. Usually by providing information before their treatment via email or social media, or even around the office can help immensely.

Here are a few ways to answer their questions without forcing them to ask.



This is a great way to provide easy, quick information to your patients. Remember to be cautious of providing too much information – long paragraphs and detailed questions often turn people off from reading.

Look around your office and take note of how many pamphlets and brochures are sitting around. Will yours get lost in the mass?

You can make these easily in a Microsoft program or online free on


Patients may be more likely to see these in the waiting or massage room.

Create non-busy, easy-to-read signs that have simple tips or answers. Don’t put too much text since it makes it more difficult to read, and doesn’t allow the client to focus on the single question.

These can also be created with Microsoft or Canva.

Send them an email beforehand

You probably already have an email system in place. If not, you should definitely invest. Use this tool to send reminders, coupons and inform them of a few things, like the type of massage they signed up for.

Keep your clients informed!

Sending them a reminder or a confirmation with the answer to some of these common questions is an easy way to put it in front of them without any extra effort on your part. Set up the reminder email to have that information, put it on auto-send and call it a day!


Send them a survey after

Sometimes people don’t’ realize they have questions until after the massage has finished. Follow up with your customers to improve your practice and ask them pointed questions.

Did you have any issues arise during the treatment that you didn’t want to bring up?

Were you uncomfortable at any time? (Temperature, pressure during massage etc…)

How can we make experiences like this better for you?

Figuring out their “pain points” can help you answer how they should bring it up.


Post on social media

Figure out where your audience is - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest – then use free automation tools to send out tips and behind the scenes on a daily basis. It’s an easy set it and forget it method that can help you connect with your audience, and market your business. 

This also helps potential clients decide if they want to book a session with you.

 The best part about all of these options? They are practically cost-free.

You invest what you want into them, or go the free route.

Cut some embarrassment for your patient. Take a little time to create some of these helpful pieces and provide comfort at the same time. These tips work great for any health care office or clinic.